Finding Out the History of Older Homes for Sale You are Interested in

If you are looking to buy an older home, chances are good that these properties have a long and rich history worth learning about. Understanding your home’s history can be a source of great enjoyment. Your exclusive buyer’s agent can help you learn more about the history of local homes for sale, but you can also use these resources.

County Auditor
The county auditor’s office will have history related to the development of the property. This will include permits that have been pulled for repairs, remodels and additions to the home. This information can help you know what work has been done on the home over the years, who performed the work and who the owner was during the project.


Libraries have a wealth of local historical information. Your local library branch may offer in-house reference material you can use while at the library. This material may include old newspapers and microfilm that has sales history and interesting tidbits about your home. Libraries might also have maps showing when your neighborhood was developed and what the area looked like or functioned as before your home was built.

Historical Societies

Local historical societies are another valuable reference for tracing the history of older homes. The historical society may have information about who was building houses and what materials were used. You may even find the original floor plans for your home. If your home is a part of a historic neighborhood, the leadership board may have additional information. Local genealogical societies might also have information about your home’s history. Their information will be about the people who were born, lived in or perhaps even passed away in your older home.


Guide to Researching the History of a House

 7 Online Resources To Trace The History Of Your House


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